About my jewelry

I dreamed of making jewelry for a long time, but it is only recently that I finally had time to realize these few very current lines that I imagined for a young and trendy woman. The jewel is like a piece of art, one imagines it with one's heart. Each piece symbolizes something very personal and I hope that you will also find to give your own meanings to these creations, since as for a painting, each piece of art is appreciated subjectively by the one who admires it.

Diamonds are also a passion for me, I have a few and I collect them for their beauty and mystery, because it is with fascination that I watch them shine. It was obviously very important for me that the origin of the diamonds for my jewels is guaranteed "conflict free" since I want to defend the most vulnerable people and I would not want injustices to be committed to make objects that we carry for our pleasure ...

Bijoux Adriana Karembeu signature